Me, my blog, and my relationship with food.

I’m George Rendall and this is my first blog!

My passion is health and wellbeing. I’m a fitness enthusiast, am training for the Al Andalus ultramarathon in July, 230km over five days – pretty scared – and want to help people become more productive by changing the way they think about food.

A project on wheat genetics that I did at University showed me that the processed foods and sugary supermarket products that we eat day-to-day are so detrimental to our productivity! Two weeks ago I switched to a no Lactose, no Gluten, and low Sugar diet and ever since I’ve felt more energetic and less fatigued. I used to get headaches, feel too tired to get out of bed in the morning and would put off going to the gym. I now wake up at 6.30am every day and make the most of every day – its been a real eye-opener into how eating the right foods can change your life.

I’m still at the beginning of a journey that will help me understand which foods I can eat and which foods I should avoid. Through this blog I want to share what I’ve learnt so that its a little bit easier for you and others to start your own journey,